Little Miss Whoops
Mr. Man or Little Miss? Little Miss
Hair Color Dark Blue (in Sand and Surf)
Skin Color Blue
Family Mr. Bump (brother)
Occupations "Trained Professional"
First Appearance Physical
Latest Appearance Pests
Voiced By Alicyn Packard

Little Miss Whoops is a character in The Mr Men Show. She has a pink nose and a pink bow, as well as eyeglasses. Her catchphrase is "Whoops!". She claims she's a "trained professional", but she is not. Her brother is Mr. Bump, which is the cause of his accidents. In the US broadcast she has a monotone voice and in UK a Welsh accent. In the US version, she is voiced by Alicyn Packard and UK by Teresa Gallagher. She was first seen in Physical.


  • She is one of the only three characters that wear glasses along with Mr. Nervous and Mr. Fussy, and the only one Little Miss who wears glasses.
  • The only episode where she is seen without her glasses is in Eyeglasses. She has severe short-sightedness.
  • She has dark blue hair in the the music video Beach Party A Go Go in the episode Sand & Surf.


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